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Graphics::ColorNames::WWW - WWW color names and equivalent RGB values


  require Graphics::ColorNames::WWW;

  $NameTable = Graphics::ColorNames::WWW->NamesRgbTable();
  $RgbBlack  = $NameTable->{black};


This module defines color names and their associated RGB values from various WWW specifications, such as SVG or CSS as well as common browser implementations.

See the documentation of Graphics::ColorNames for information how to use this module.

Currently, SVG and CSS define the same color keywords and include all color keywords supported by common web browsers. Therefore, the modules Graphics::ColorNames::WWW, Graphics::ColorNames::SVG and Graphics::ColorNames::CSS behave in identical ways.

This may change if the specs should happen to diverge; then this module will become a superset of all color keywords defined by W3C's specs.

It is recommended to use this module unless you require exact compatibility with the CSS and SVG specifications or specific browsers.


Reportedly "fuchsia" was misspelled "fuscia" in an unidentified HTML specification. It also appears to be a common misspelling, so both names are recognized.


The transparent keyword is unsupported. Currently, Graphics::ColorNames does not allow RGBA values.

Further, the system color keywords are not assigned to a fixed RGB value and thus unsupported: ActiveBorder, ActiveCaption, AppWorkspace, Background, ButtonFace, ButtonHighlight, ButtonShadow, ButtonText, CaptionText, GrayText, Highlight, HighlightText, InactiveBorder, InactiveCaption, InactiveCaptionText, InfoBackground, InfoText, Menu, MenuText, Scrollbar, ThreeDDarkShadow, ThreeDFace, ThreeDHighlight, ThreeDLightShadow, ThreeDShadow, Window, WindowFrame, WindowText (these are deprecated in CSS3)


Graphics::ColorNames::HTML, Graphics::ColorNames::CSS, Graphics::ColorNames::SVG


Claus Färber <>

Based on Graphics::ColorNames::HTML by Robert Rothenberg.


Copyright 2005-2009 Claus Färber.

Copyright 2001-2004 Robert Rothenberg.

All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.