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Graphics::DZI::A4 - DeepZoom Image Pyramid Generation, specifically for documents


    use Graphics::DZI::A4;
    $Graphics::DZI::log    ->level ($loglevel);
    $Graphics::DZI::A4::log->level ($loglevel);
    my $dzi = new Graphics::DZI::A4 (A4s      => \@images,
                                     overlap  => $overlap,
                                     tilesize => $tilesize,
                                     path     => './',
                                     prefix   => 'xxx',
                                     'format' => $format,
    use File::Slurp;
    write_file ('xxx.xml', $dzi->descriptor );
    $dzi->iterate ();


This subclass of Graphics::DZI::Files is specifically though for images covering document pages. While it is named A4, this is mostly historical; as long as all your images have the same dimensions, this package should.

The idea is that the whole document (the set of images) forms a large image, the individual images organized in a square fashion (1x1, 2x2, 4x4, ...). At the highest zoom level of course all pages will be visible. But if you zoom out, then not only the pages get smaller. Also the pages shown will be reduced, so that at the smallest zoom level only the first page is visible.



Other than the superclass Graphics::DZI::Files this class takes an array (reference) to a list of images.

A4s (no default, list reference)

Do not be fooled by the A4; any format should do.



This iterate honors the fact that we are dealing with a set of documents, not ONE large image.


Also the descriptor generation is a bit special.


Robert Barta, <drrho at>


Copyright 2010 Robert Barta, all rights reserved.

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