HPUX::SDUX - Perl module for creating SD-UX software depots of Perl modules


perl -MHPUX::SDUX -e wmf

make; make test; make depot


HPUX::SDUX is a Perl module to assist creating SD-UX software depots for Perl modules on HP-UX. As such, it is utterly useless for Perl users on other platforms.

This version assumes the use of HP-UX 11i and PSF (Product Specification File) layout version 1.0, as outlined in Software Distributor Administration Guide for HP-UX 11i <>. It may work on other versions, but it is not tested.

After unpacking a CPAN module, move to the expanded directory and say

perl -MHPUX::SDUX -e wmf

This creates intermediate file Makefile.SDUX, based on Makefile.PL in the current directory, and writes Makefile by executing Makefile.SDUX. The resulting Makefile contains a modified target clean and a new target depot, so that you can only follow with

make; make test; make depot

The target depot will install the module in the sdux subdirectory, writes module.psf and invokes swpackage. Thus certin privileges are required for this target.


swpackage(1M), swinstall(1M)


  1. More testing with sophisticated modules, such as those that require C compiler.

  2. More sophisticated PSF generation.

  3. Module::Build compliance.


Hiro Asari <hiro at>


Copyright 2003 by Hiro Asari. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.