Johan Vromans


HTML::Calendar::Monthly - A very simple HTML calendar


  use HTML::Calendar::Monthly;

  my $cal = HTML::Calendar::Monthly->new; # This month, this year
     $cal = HTML::Calendar::Monthly->new({ 'month' => $month }); # This year
     $cal = HTML::Calendar::Monthly->new({ 'month' => $month,
                                              'year'  => $year});

  my $month = $cal->month;
  my $year  = $cal->year;

  # Add a link for a day.
  $cal->add_link( $day, $link );

  # Get HTML representation.
  my $html = $cal->calendar_month;


This is a very simple module which will make an HTML representation of a given month. You can add links to individual days.

Yes, the inspiration for this came out of me looking at HTML::Calendar::Simple, and thinking 'Hmmm. A bit too complicated for what I want. I know, I will write a simplified version.' So I did.


  my $cal = HTML::Calendar::Monthly->new;
  my $cal = HTML::Calendar::Monthly->new({ 'month' => $month });
  my $cal = HTML::Calendar::Monthly->new({ 'month' => $month,
                                              'year'  => $year });

This will make a new HTML::Calendar::Monthly object.


  my $month = $cal->month;

This will return the numerical value of the month.

  my $month = $cal->month_name;

This will return the name of the month.


  my $year = $cal->year;

This will return the four-digit year of the calendar

  $cal->add_link( $day, $link );    # puts an href on the day


  my $html = $cal->calendar_month;

This will return an html string of the calendar month.


Johan Vromans <>

Parts of this module are copied from HTML::Calendar::Simple, written by Stray Toaster <>.