HTML::FormatTable - base class for formatting HTML Tables


 require HTML::FormatTable;
 @ISA = qw(HTML::FormatTable);


The HTML::FormatTable is a base class for formatting HTML tables. It is used by a class such as HTML::FormatTableNroff, which is called by the formatter HTML::FormatNroff when tables are processed.


$table = new HTML::FormatTable($formatter, %attr);

Create new table representation. Formatter is used to output table (e.g. $formatter is HTML::FormatNroff)

Attributes include

 align: table alignment (default is 'left'),
 tab: the character used in tbl to separate table cells.
       (the default is '%', and should be a character not included 
        in table text)
 page_width: the page width in inches (e.g. "6")
 width: width of table, string including the percent (eg "100%")


End the current table row.


Start new table cell.


End table cell.


Add text to table


Output the table - must be overridden by subclass.


HTML::Formatter, HTML::FormatTableCell, HTML::FormatTableCellNroff, HTML::FormatTableNroff, HTML::FormatTableRow, HTML::FormatTableRowNroff


Copyright (c) 1997 Frederick Hirsch. All rights reserved.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Frederick Hirsch <>