HTML::FromMail::Head - output a message header as HTML


   is a HTML::FromMail::Page
   is a HTML::FromMail::Object
   is a Mail::Reporter



Extends "DESCRIPTION" in HTML::FromMail::Page.


Extends "METHODS" in HTML::FromMail::Page.

$obj->fields(MESSAGE, OPTIONS)
HTML::FromMail::Head->fields(MESSAGE, OPTIONS)

Collect information about the header fields.

 -Option              --Default
  ignore                undef
  remove_list_group     1
  remove_resent_groups  1
  remove_spam_groups    1
  select                ''
ignore => STRING

The reverse of select: which fields not to take.

remove_list_group => BOOLEAN

Do not select the headers which are added by mailing list software. See Mail::Message::Head::ListGroup.

remove_resent_groups => BOOLEAN

Remove all the lines which are related to transport of the message, for instance the Received and Return-Path, and all lines which start with Resent-. See Mail::Message::Head::ResentGroup.

remove_spam_groups => BOOLEAN

Do not select headers which were added by spam fighting software. See Mail::Message::Head::SpamGroup.

select => STRING

Select only the fields which match the patterns found in STRING. Multiple patterns can be specified separated by vertical bars (pipes). The fields are ordered as specified in the STRING. See Mail::Message::Head::Complete subroutine grepNames.

$obj->lookup(LABEL, ARGS)

Inherited, see "METHODS" in HTML::FromMail::Page

 -Option  --Defined in            --Default
  settings  HTML::FromMail::Object  {}
  topic     HTML::FromMail::Object  'head'
settings => HASH-OF-HASHES
topic => STRING


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