HTML::MasonX::Free::Component - a component with a "main" method, not just a bunch of text


version 0.006


In concept, a Mason component is broken down into special blocks (like once, shared, init), methods, and subcomponents. When you render a Mason component, using it as a template, you aren't calling one of its methods or blocks. Instead, all the stray code and text that was found outside all of those is concatenated together and run.

This is sort of a mess.

If you use HTML::MasonX::Free::Component as your component class instead, rendering the component will call its main method instead of all that other junk. This component class extends HTML::Mason::Component::FileBased. If this is a problem because of your esoteric Mason configuration, don't panic. Just read the source. Seriously, it's tiny.

This component class is meant to work well with HTML::MasonX::Free::Compiler, which will let you throw a syntax exception if there's any significant content outside of blocks, and which can apply default_method_to_call to calls found when compiling.

You can pass a default_method_to_call argument to the constructor for this class, but it's not all that easy to get where you need it, so maybe you should stick with the default: main


Ricardo Signes <>


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