HTML::TagCloud::Sortable - A sortable HTML tag cloud


    my $cloud = HTML::TagCloud::Sortable->new;
    # old HTML::TagCloud style
    $cloud->add( 'foo', $url, 10 );
    # new HTML::TagCloud::Sortable style
    $cloud->add( { name => 'foo', url => $url, count => 10, bar => 'baz' } );
    # old style
    print $cloud->html( 4 );
    # new style
    print $cloud->html( { limit => 4, sort_field => 'count', sort_type => 'numeric' } );


HTML::TagCloud::Sortable is an API-compatible subclass of HTML::TagCloud. However, by using a different API, you can gain two features:

  • Store arbitrary data with your tags

  • Sort the tags by any stored field


new( %options )

An overridden construtor. Takes the same arguments as HTML::TagCloud.

add( \%tagdata )

Adds the hashref of data to the list of tags. NB: Insertion order is maintained. At the minimum, you will need to supply name, url and count key-value pairs.

tags( \%options )

This method is used by html to get the relevant list of tags for display. Options include:

  • limit - uses the N most popular tags

  • sort_field - sort by this field

  • sort_order - 'asc' or 'desc'

  • sort_type - 'alpha' or 'numeric'

The default sort order is alphabetically by tag name. You can pass a sub reference to sort_field to do custom sorting. Example:

    $cloud->html( { sort_field =>
        sub { $_[ 1 ]->{ count } <=> $_[ 0 ]->{ count }; }
    } );

Passing undef to sort_field will maintain insertion order.


Brian Cassidy <>


Copyright 2007-2009 by Brian Cassidy

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.