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HTTP::Body::Builder::UrlEncoded - application/x-www-encoded


    use HTTP::Body::Builder::UrlEncoded;

    my $builder = HTTP::Body::Builder::UrlEncoded->new(content => {'foo' => 42});
    $builder->add_content('x' => 'y');
    # => x=y


my $builder = HTTP::Body::Builder::UrlEncoded->new(...)

Create a new HTTP::Body::Builder::UrlEncoded instance.

The constructor accepts named arguments as a hash. The only allowed parameter is content. This parameter should be a hashref.

Each key/value pair in this hashref will be added to the builder by calling the add_content method.

If the value of one of the content hashref's keys is an arrayref, then each member of the arrayref will be added separately.

    HTTP::Body::Builder::UrlEncoded->new(content => {'a' => 42, 'b' => [1, 2]});

is equivalent to the following:

    my $builder = HTTP::Body::Builder::UrlEncoded->new;
    $builder->add_content('a' => 42);
    $builder->add_content('b' => 1);
    $builder->add_content('b' => 2);
$builder->add_content($key => $value);

Add new parameter in raw string.


Generate body as string.