HTTP::Client::Parallel - A HTTP client that fetchs all URIs in parallel


  # Create the parallising client
  my $client = HTTP::Client::Parallel->new;
  # Simple fetching
  my $pages = $client->get(
  # Mirroring to disk
  my $responses = $client->mirror(
    '' => 'mirrors/google.html',
    ''   => 'mirrors/yapc.html',
    ''  => 'mirrors/yahoo.html',


Fetching a URI is a very common network-bound task in many types of programming. Fetching more than one URI is also very common, but unless the fetches are capable of entirely saturating a connection, typically time is wasted because there is often no logical reason why multiple requests cannot be made in parallel.

Executing IO-bound and network-bound tasks is extremely easy in any event-based programming model such as POE, but these event-based systems normally require complete control of the application and that the program be written in a very different way.

Thus, the biggest problem preventing running HTTP requests in parallel is not that it isn't possible, but that mixing procedural and event programming is difficult.

The few existing mechanisms generally rely on forking or other platform-specific methods.

HTTP::Client::Parallel is designed to bridge the gap between typical cross-platform procedural code and typical cross-platform event-based code.

It allows you to set up a series of HTTP tasks (fetching to memory, fetching to disk, and mirroring to disk) and then issue a single method call which will block and execute all of them in parallel.

Behind the scenes HTTP::Client::Parallel will temporarily hand over control of the process to POE to execute the HTTP tasks.

Once all of the HTTP tasks are completed (using the standard POE::Component::HTTP::Client module, the POE kernel will shut down and hand control of the application back to the normal procedural code, and thus back to your code.

As a result, a developer with no knowledge of POE or event-based programming can still take advantage of the capabilities of POE and gain major speed increases in HTTP-based programs with relatively little work.




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LWP::Simple, POE


Copyright 2008 Marlon Bailey, Adam Kennedy and Jess Bisbee.

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