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HTTP::Cookies::Mozilla - Cookie storage and management for Mozilla


        use HTTP::Cookies::Mozilla;

        my $file = ...; # Firefox profile dir / cookies.sqlite
        my $cookie_jar = HTTP::Cookies::Mozilla->new( file => $file );

        # otherwise same as HTTP::Cookies


This package overrides the load() and save() methods of HTTP::Cookies so it can work with Mozilla cookie files. These might be stored in the user profile directory as cookies. On macOS,for instance, that's ~/Application Support/Firefox/*/cookies.sqlite.

This module should be able to work with all Mozilla derived browsers (FireBird, Camino, et alia).

Note that as of FireFox, version 3, the cookie file format changed from plain text files to SQLite databases, so you will need to have either DBI/DBD::SQLite, or the sqlite3 executable somewhere in the path. Neither one has been put as explicit dependency, anyway, so you'll get an exception if you try to use this module with a new style file but without having any of them:

   neither DBI nor pipe to sqlite3 worked (%s), install either one

If your command-line sqlite3 is not in the $ENV{PATH}, you can set $HTTP::Cookies::Mozilla::SQLITE to point to the actual program to be used, e.g.:

   use HTTP::Cookies::Mozilla;
   $HTTP::Cookies::Mozilla::SQLITE = '/path/to/sqlite3';

Usage of the external program is supported under perl 5.8 onwards only, because previous perl versions do not support "open" in perlfunc with more than three arguments, which are safer. If you are still sticking to perl 5.6, you'll have to install DBI/DBD::SQLite to make FireFox 3 cookies work.

See HTTP::Cookies.


The source is in GitHub:


Derived from Gisle Aas's HTTP::Cookies::Netscape package with very few material changes.

Flavio Poletti added the SQLite support.

Maintained by brian d foy, <>


Parts Copyright 1997-1999 Gisle Aas.

Other parts Copyright 2018-2019 by brian d foy, <>

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0.