HTTP::Rollup - translate an HTTP query string to a hierarchical structure


 use HTTP::Rollup qw(RollupQueryString);

 my $rollup = new HTTP::Rollup;

 my $hashref = $rollup->RollupQueryString($query_string);


Given input text of the format:

Construct an output data structure like this:

  $hashref = {
    employee => {
                  name => {
                           "first" => "Jane",
                           "last" => "Smith",
                  address => "123 Main St.",
                  city => "New York"
    phone => [
    fax => [
    id => 444

This is intended as a drop-in replacement for the HTTP query string parsing implemented in, adding the ability to assemble a nested data structure ( constructs purely flat structures).

e.g. given the sample input above, would produce:

  $hashref = {
    "" => [ "Jason" ],
    "" => [ "Smith" ],
    "" => [ "123 Main St." ],
    "" => [ "New York" ],
    "phone" => [ "(212)123-4567", "(212)555-1212" ],
    "@fax"=> [ "(212)999-8877" ],
    "id" => [ 444 ]

If no $query_string parameter is provided, HTTP::Rollup will attempt to find the input in the same manner used by (the internal _query_string function is pretty much cloned from

HTTP::Rollup runs under both CGI or mod_perl contexts, and from the command line (reads from @ARGV or stdin).


  • Data nesting using dot notation

  • Recognizes a list if there is more than one value with the same name

  • Lists can be forced with a leading @-sign, to allow for lists that could have just one element (eliminating ambiguity between scalar and single- element list). The @ will be stripped.


new([ FORCE_LIST => 1 ], [ DELIM => ";" ])

The FORCE_LIST switch causes behavior, as above, for backward compatibility.

The DELIM option specifies the input field delimiter. This is not auto-detected. Default is the standard ampersand, though semicolon has been proposed as a replacement to avoid conflict with the ampersand used for character entities.

Specifying "\n" for the delimiter is helpful for parsing parameters on stdin.


Workhorse function.


Jason W. May <>


Copyright (C) 2002-2005 Jason W. May. All rights reserved. This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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