HTTP::Tinyish - HTTP::Tiny compatible HTTP client wrappers


  my $http = HTTP::Tinyish->new(agent => "Mozilla/4.0");

  my $res = $http->get("");
  warn $res->{status};

  $http->post("", {
      headers => { "Content-Type" => "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" },
      content => "foo=bar&baz=quux",

  $http->mirror("", "./02packages.details.txt.gz");


HTTP::Tinyish is a wrapper module for HTTP client modules LWP, HTTP::Tiny and HTTP client software curl and wget.

It provides an API compatible to HTTP::Tiny, and the implementation has been extracted out of App::cpanminus. This module can be useful in a restrictive environment where you need to be able to download CPAN modules without an HTTPS support in built-in HTTP library.


Backends are searched in the order of: LWP, HTTP::Tiny, curl and wget. HTTP::Tinyish will auto-detect if the backend also supports HTTPS, and use the appropriate backend based on the given URL to the request methods.

For example, if you only have HTTP::Tiny but without SSL related modules, it is possible that:

  my $http = HTTP::Tinyish->new;

  $http->get("");  # uses HTTP::Tiny
  $http->get(""); # uses curl


All request related methods such as get, post, put, delete, request, patch and mirror are supported.


  • LWP backend requires LWP 5.802 or over to be functional, and LWP::Protocol::https to send HTTPS requests.

  • mirror method doesn't consider third options hash into account (i.e. you can't override the HTTP headers).

  • proxy is automatically detected from environment variables.

  • timeout, max_redirect, agent, default_headers and verify_SSL are translated.


Because the actual HTTP::Tiny backend is used, all APIs are supported.


  • This module has been tested with curl 7.22 and later.

  • HTTPS support is automatically detected by running curl --version and see its protocol output.

  • timeout, max_redirect, agent, default_headers and verify_SSL are supported.


  • This module requires Wget 1.12 and later.

  • Wget prior to 1.15 doesn't support sending custom HTTP methods, so if you use $http->put for example, you'll get an internal error response (599).

  • HTTPS support is automatically detected.

  • mirror() method doesn't send If-Modified-Since header to the server, which will result in full-download every time because wget doesn't support --timestamping combined with -O option.

  • timeout, max_redirect, agent, default_headers and verify_SSL are supported.


  • File::Fetch - is core since 5.10. Has support for non-HTTP protocols such as ftp and git. Does not support HTTPS or basic authentication as of this writing.

  • Plient - provides more complete runtime API, but seems only compatible on Unix environments. Does not support mirror() method.


Tatsuhiko Miyagawa


Tatsuhiko Miyagawa, 2015-


This module is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.