HTTP::UserAgentString::Browser - Web browser


 $browser = $p->parse($string)

 print "This is a ", ($browser->isRobot()) ? "robot" : "browser", "\n";
 print "Name: ", $browser->name(), "\n";
 print "Version: ", $browser->version(), "\n";
 print "URL: ", $browser->url(), "\n";
 print "Company: ", $browser->company(), "\n";
 print "Company URL: ", $browser->company_url(), "\n";
 print "Info URL: ", $browser->info_url(), "\n";
 print "Type: ", $browser->type(), "\n";
 $os = $browser->os();


Used to represent web browsers returned by HTTP::UserAgentString::Parser. Object is read only. Accesors are provided for all capabilities defined by



Browser name. Example: "Firefox"


String version. Example: "3.5"


Web page for the browser


Name of the company that develops the browser


URL of the company that develops the browser


PNG icon for the browser that can be obtained from


Web page in that provides information on the browser


Numeric type (see browser_type_id[] in the .ini file) More accessors are provided to check for type:


String description for the browser's type.


Check for standard web browser


Check for offline web browsers


Check for mobile web browsers


Check for e-mail clients


Check for WAP browsers


Check for HTTP libraries


If defined, HTTP::UserAgentString::OS object representing the operating system where the browser is running.


HTTP::UserAgentString::OS for the class representing operating systems, and HTTP::UserAgentString::Robot for robots.


 Copyright (c) 2011 Nicolas Moldavsky (
 This library is released under LGPL V3