Hardware::Verilog::Parser - A complete grammar for parsing Verilog code using perl


  use Hardware::Verilog::Parser;
  $parser = new Hardware::Verilog::Parser;



This module defines the complete grammar needed to parse any Verilog code. By overloading this grammar, it is possible to easily create perl scripts which run through Verilog code and perform specific functions.

For example, a uses Hardware::Verilog::Parser to overload the grammar rule for module instantiations. This single modification will print out all instance names that occur in the file being parsed. This might be useful for creating an automatic build script, or a graphical hierarchical browser of a Verilog design.

This module is currently in alpha release. All code is subject to change. Bug reports are welcome.

DSLI information:

D - Development Stage

        a - alpha testing

S - Support Level

        d - developer

L - Language used

        p - perl only, no compiler needed, should be platform independent

I - Interface Style

        O - Object oriented using blessed references and / or inheritance


Copyright (C) 2000 Greg London All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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