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Helios - a distributed job processing system


Helios is a system for building asynchronous distributed job processing applications. Applications that need to process millions of small units of work in parallel can use the Helios system to scale this work across the multiple processes and servers that form a Helios collective. Helios may also be used to improve the user experience on websites. By utilizing the framework's APIs, potential timeout issues can be eliminated and response times decreased for larger tasks invoked in response to user input. The web server application can "fire and forget" in the background, immediately returning control to the user. Using Helios, simple Perl applications can be written to distribute massive workloads throughout the Helios collective while still retaining centralized management.

The Helios module itself is merely a placeholder for versioning and documentation purposes. If you want to require Helios (or a certain version of it) in your package, adding

 Helios => 2.00

to the PREREQ_PM hashref in Makefile.PL should do the trick.


helios.pl, Helios::Service, Helios::Error


Andrew Johnson, <lajandy at cpan dotorg>


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