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I18N::Langinfo::Wide -- langinfo functions returning wide-char strings


 use I18N::Langinfo 'ABMON_1';
 use I18N::Langinfo::Wide 'langinfo';
 print langinfo(ABMON_1),"\n";   # "January"


This little module offers a langinfo() which is as per I18N::Langinfo but returns wide-char strings rather than locale charset bytes.

I18N::Langinfo uses nl_langinfo() and so may be available only on Unix/POSIX systems, depending how much the C library might emulate.


Nothing is exported by default, but langinfo() can be imported in usual Exporter style. Eg.

    use I18N::Langinfo::Wide 'langinfo';

There's no :all tag, as not sure if it'd be better to import just the new funcs, or everything from I18N::Langinfo too.


$str = I18N::Langinfo::Wide::langinfo ($what)

Return a wide-char string of information for the given $what. $what is an integer, one of the constants from I18N::Langinfo like ABDAY_1.

    my $what = I18N::Langinfo::ABDAY_1();
    print I18N::Langinfo::Wide::langinfo($what);  # "Sunday"

As of I18N::Langinfo 0.02 (Perl 5.10.1), all the return values are character strings. The underlying nl_langinfo() function has some byte returns like GROUPING, but they're not available through the Perl interface. The intention would be that I18N::Langinfo::Wide would leave the byte ones as bytes.

$str = I18N::Langinfo::Wide::to_wide ($str)

Return $str converted to a wide-char string. If $str is a byte string then it's assumed be in the current locale charset per langinfo(CODESET). If $str is already wide chars then it's returned unchanged.


In the GNU C Library 2.10.1 through 2.17, langinfo() on ALT_DIGITS or ERA returns only the first digit or first era. This is a bug in the C library which neither I18N::Langinfo nor I18N::Langinfo::Wide attempt to address. (nl_langinfo() returns nulls \0 between the characters or eras, but the POSIX spec calls for semicolons:


I18N::Langinfo, POSIX::Wide



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