IO::Async::Loop::UV - use IO::Async with UV


 use IO::Async::Loop::UV;

 my $loop = IO::Async::Loop::UV->new();

 $loop->add( ... );

 $loop->add( IO::Async::Signal->new(
       name => 'HUP',
       on_receipt => sub { ... },
 ) );



This subclass of IO::Async::Loop uses UV to perform its work.

As both UV and the underlying libuv are quite new, this module currently has a few shortcomings and limitations. See the "BUGS" section.


  • libuv does not provide a way to inspect the POLLHUP status bit, so some types of file descriptor cannot provide EOF condition. This causes a unit-test failure. (RT#113010)

  • libuv does not provide a way to be informed of any SIGCHLD/waitpid() status. Because of this there is no ability to watch for all processes by

       $loop->watch_process( 0 => sub { ... } );

    Attempts to do this will throw an exception.


Paul Evans <>