IO::Async::Process::GracefulShutdown - controlled shutdown of a process


   use IO::Async::Process::GracefulShutdown;

   use IO::Async::Loop;
   my $loop = IO::Async::Loop;

   my $process = IO::Async::Process::GracefulShutdown->new(
      command => [ "my-proc" ],

   $loop->add( $process );


   $process->shutdown( "TERM" )->get;


This subclass of IO::Async::Process adds a method to perform a shutdown of the invoked process by sending a signal. If after some delay the process has not yet exited, it is sent a SIGKILL instead.



   $process->shutdown( $signal, %args )->get

Requests the process shut down by sending it the given signal (either specified by name or number). If the process does not shut down after a timeout, SIGKILL is sent instead.

The returned future will complete when the process exits.

Takes the following named arguments:

timeout => NUM

Optional. Number of seconds to wait for exit before sending SIGKILL. Defaults to 10 seconds.

on_kill => CODE

Optional. Callback to invoke if the timeout occurs and SIGKILL is going to be sent. Intended for printing or logging purposes; this doesn't have any material effect on the process otherwise.

   $on_kill->( $process )


Paul Evans <>