IO::Async::Timer - base class for Notifiers that use timed delays


This module provides a subclass of IO::Async::Notifier for implementing notifiers that use timed delays. For specific implementations, see one of the subclasses:



   $timer = IO::Async::Timer->new( %args )

Constructs a particular subclass of IO::Async::Timer object, and returns it. This constructor is provided for backward compatibility to older code which doesn't use the subclasses. New code should directly construct a subclass instead.

mode => STRING

The type of timer to create. Currently the only allowed mode is countdown but more types may be added in the future.

Once constructed, the Timer will need to be added to the Loop before it will work. It will also need to be started by the start method.



   $running = $timer->is_running

Returns true if the Timer has been started, and has not yet expired, or been stopped.



Starts the Timer. Throws an error if it was already running.

If the Timer is not yet in a Loop, the actual start will be deferred until it is added. Once added, it will be running, and will expire at the given duration after the time it was added.

As a convenience, $timer is returned. This may be useful for starting timers at construction time:

   $loop->add( IO::Async::Timer->new( ... )->start );



Stops the Timer if it is running. If it has not yet been added to the Loop but there is a start pending, this will cancel it.


Paul Evans <>