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IO::Stream::Proxy::HTTPS - HTTPS proxy plugin for IO::Stream


This document describes IO::Stream::Proxy::HTTPS version v2.0.0


    use IO::Stream;
    use IO::Stream::Proxy::HTTPS;

        plugin => [
            proxy   => IO::Stream::Proxy::HTTPS->new({
                host    => '',
                port    => 3128,
                user    => 'me',
                pass    => 'mypass',


This module is plugin for IO::Stream which allow you to route stream through HTTPS (also called CONNECT) proxy.

You may use several IO::Stream::Proxy::HTTPS plugins for single IO::Stream object, effectively creating proxy chain (first proxy plugin will define last proxy in a chain).


When using this plugin event RESOLVED will never be delivered to user because target {host} which user provide to IO::Stream will never be resolved on user side (it will be resolved by HTTPS proxy).

Event CONNECTED will be generated after HTTPS proxy successfully connects to target {host} (and not when socket will connect to HTTPS proxy itself).


new({ host=>$host, port=>$port })
new({ host=>$host, port=>$port, user=>$user, pass=>$pass })

Connect to proxy $host:$port, optionally using basic authorization.


{host}+{port} required

You must provide both {host} and {port} to IO::Stream::Proxy::HTTPS->new().

{user}+{pass} required

You have provided either {user} or {pass} to IO::Stream::Proxy::HTTPS->new() while you have to provide either both or none of them.

{fh} already connected

You have provided {fh} to IO::Stream->new(), but this is not supported by this plugin. Either don't use this plugin or provide {host}+{port} to IO::Stream->new() instead.


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