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Image::Compare::AVG_THRESHOLD - Compare two images by the overall average color difference of their pixels.


See the docs for Image::Compare for details on how to use this module. Further documentation is meant for those modifying or subclassing this comparator. See the documentation in Image::Compare::Comparator for general information about making your own comparator subclasses.


accumulate(\@pixel1, \@pixel2, $x, $y)

This method is called for each pixel in the two images to be compared. The difference between each pair of pictures is collected and stored for later use by get_result(). This method never short-circuits; when this comparator is used, all pixels are compared, every time.


Returns either the median or the arithmetic mean of the values collected by accumulate(), depending on the average type provided when this object was constructed.


Copyright 2008 Avi Finkel <avi@finkel.org>

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