Image::OpenALPR::PlateResult - a license plate, as identified by OpenALPR


  my $plate = $alpr->recognise('t/example.jpg');
  say $plate;             # ZP36709
  say $plate->plate;      # ZP36709
  say $plate->confidence; # 92.373634
  my @coords     = $plate->coordinates; # [306, 351], [476, 351], [476, 384], [306, 384]
  my @candidates = $plate->candidates;
  say $candidates[1]->plate;      # ZP367O9
  say $candidates[1]->confidence; # 89.812302


Image::OpenALPR::PlateResult is a class representing a plate identified by OpenALPR. It offers the following methods:


The plate number that has the highest confidence value (likelihood of being correct). An object of this class will stringify to the return value of this method.


The confidence value of the plate number returned by plate.


True if the plate matches the plate pattern chosen via the set_default_region in Image::OpenALPR, false otherwise (or if no region was chosen).


In list context, returns a four element list representing the vertices of the license plate, numbered clock-wise from top-left. Each element is an arrayref with two elements: the X coordinate followed by the Y coordinate.

In scalar context, returns an arrayref to an array containing the list described above.


In list context, returns a list of candidate license numbers, in decreasing order of confidence. The first element coincides with the plate/confidence pair returned by the plate and confidence methods. Each element is a partial Image::OpenALPR::PlateResult object -- only the plate, confidence and matches_template methods will return a meaningful value.


Marius Gavrilescu, <>


Copyright (C) 2016 by Marius Gavrilescu

This file is part of Image-OpenALPR.

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