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InSilicoSpectro::InSilico::ExpCalibrator - Calibrates a RetentionTimer predictor based on experimental data


  use InSilicoSpectro::InSilico::ExpCalibrator;

  # creates a calibrator
  my $ec = InSilicoSpectro::InSilico::ExpCalibrator->new(fitting=>'spline');

  # trains it from experimental data
  $ec->train( expdata=>[1310.00,1520.00],prdata=>[1314.05,1500.75], );


Calibrates retention time predictors. Based on the comparison between predicted and experimental data and the chosen method of fitting. It performs also some preprocessing on the given data.


my $ec=InSilicoSpectro::InSilico::ExpCalibrator->new($h)

$h contains a hash with parameters.


Trains the calibrator


Fits the input value according to the calibrator and returns the adjusted value


Preprocess the experimental data and filters outliers

$ec->set($name, $val)

Set an instance parameter.


Get an instance parameter.





Copyright (C) 2004-2005 Geneva Bioinformatics

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