Alexandre Masselot
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General framework for ms/ms compound (fragmenetaion spectra)




Try to deduce acquisition from the title (and @title2acquTime_regexes) if it was not defined


Return an array of the possible for the precursor


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Alexandre Masselot,

parent data

All the data is stroed in arrays, the peakdescriptors (for parent and fragment) are responsible for stating what is the info stroed in each fields;

All the data (peak data) associated with the parent ion Ex =head3 setParentData(\@vals | ($index, $val))

getParentData (?$i)

if $i is defined, returns argument index $i. If not, it returns the array with all the values;



add a list of peaks


set($name, $val)


label([$name], [$value])

gets or sets a label to this compound and saves it in the hash 'label' with an optional corresponding value