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A handler to be used with XML::Parser::PerlSax. The goal is to read an indexMaker (xmlIndexMaker) file, stating which elements sould be indexed from a (large) source xml file. Then this source file is parsed, indexed element are saved into an index (xmlIndex) file.


my $sim=InSilicoSpectro::Utils::XML::SaxIndexMaker->new();

Instanciate a new SaxIndexMaker




Read what is to be caught and put into the index. xmlIndexMaker files follows the format

$sim->makeIndex($sourceFile, [$indexFile, [\%args]])

Opens $sourceFile and writes the index into $indexFile. $sourceFile is a normal valid xml.

$indexFile will look like the following example

%args can contain


So that the origSrc is saved instead of the given $sourceFile (think that the $sourceFile may bonly be a temporary gunziped file)


Print the index in a text format



Copyright (C) 2004-2005 Geneva Bioinformatics

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