Inline::Wrapper::Module - Internal object wrapper for individual Inline modules.


 use Inline::Wrapper::Module;


Inline::Wrapper::Module is used internally by Inline::Wrapper, and should not be used directly. It will croak if you attempt to do so.

It is a descendent class of Inline::Wrapper.



Takes the same arguments as "new()" in Inline::Wrapper, but also requires a module_name and lang_ext argument.

Don't use this. It will croak if you try to use it directly.


Initialize the object instance.


Destructor to clean up the object instance, and wipe the private code module namespace created when binding the symbol list.


As Inline::Wrapper::Module is an inherited class from Inline::Wrapper, all methods that apply to the base class also apply to objects of this class.

However, note that this has the following effects, due to the semantics of the load()/run() steps:

auto_reload settings vs. when method effects take place:

 auto_reload value:  |  FALSE          TRUE     
 set_base_dir()      |  no effect      after next reload / run()
 set_language()      |  no effect      after next reload / run()
 add_language()      |  no effect      after next reload / run()

Please read through "load()" in Inline::Wrapper and "run()" in Inline::Wrapper for insight into why the implementation works like this.



The Inline documentation.

The Inline-FAQ list.

The examples/ directory of this module's distribution.


Please kindly read through this documentation and the examples/ thoroughly, before emailing me with questions. Your answer is likely in here.

Also make sure that your issue is actually with the Inline::Wrapper modules, and not with Inline itself.

Jason McManus (INFIDEL) -- infidel AT


Copyright (c) Jason McManus

This module may be used, modified, and distributed under the same terms as Perl itself. Please see the license that came with your Perl distribution for details.