JSAN::Librarian - JavaScript::Librarian adapter for a JSAN installation


JavaScript::Librarian works on the concept of "libraries" of JavaScript files each of which may depend on other files to be loaded before them.

JSAN::Librarian provides a mechanism for detecting and indexing a JavaScript::Librarian::Library object for a JSAN installation.


new $path, $index

The new constructor creates a new JSAN::Librarian object for a JSAN installation library/prefix located at a local directory.

Because a JSAN installation library does not have a definitive method by which its existance can be verified, at this time the only check actually made is that the directory exists.

An optional second parameter can be provided, which will be taken to be the location of the index file. Relative paths will be interpreted as being relative to the root path passed as the first param.

Note: As long as the root path exists, a new JSAN::Librarian object will be created whether index file exists or not.

Returns a new JSAN::Librarian object, or undef if the directory does not exist.


The root accessor returns the root path of the installed JSAN library.


The index_file accessor returns the location of index file, as provided to the constructor (or the default), which may be a path relative to the root.


The index_path method returns the path to the index file, with relative file locations converted to the full path relative to the root.


The index_exists method checks to see if the index file exists.

Returns true if the index file exists, or false if not.

build_index $lib

The build_index method scans the library to find all perl-file dependencies and builds them into an index object.

Returns a Config::Tiny object, or throws an exception on error.


The make_index static method scans the installed JSAN tree and creates an index file (written from a Config::Tiny object) containing the file-level dependency information.

Returns true on success, or throws an exception on error.


The library method creates and returns a JSAN::Librarian::Library for the installed JSAN library.

If an index file exists, the pre-built index in the file will be used.

If there is no index file, the installed JSAN library will be scanned and an index built in-memory as needed.

Returns a new JSAN::Librarian::Library, or throws an exception on error.


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Adam Kennedy <>


Copyright 2005 - 2008 Adam Kennedy.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module.