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JavaScript::V8::Handlebars - Compile and execute Handlebars templates via the actual JS library


        use JavaScript::V8::Handlebars;
        #use JavaScript::V8::Handlebars ( library_path => "/path/to/handlebars.js" );

        my $hbjs = JavaScript::V8::Handlebars->new;

        print $hbjs->render_string( "Hello {{var}}", { var => "world" } );

        my $template = $hbjs->compile_file( "template.hbs" );
        print $template->({ var => "world" });

        $hbjs->add_template_dir( './templates' );

        open my $oh, ">", "template.bundle.js" or die $!;
        print $oh $hbjs->bundle;
        close $oh;


Package Methods

use JavaScript::V8::Handlebars ( [library_path => "/path/to/handlebars.js"] );

When useing the library you may pass an optional path to a (full) handlebars.js file to use instead of the one it comes bundled with.


Returns the path to the handlebars.js file, set at the package level. Note that this may be overridden on a per object basis and can be changed after an object is created.


Returns the complete source of the handlebars.js file specified as above.

Object Methods



library_path => $path

Path to the specific handlebars.js file you want to use.

preload_libs => [qw/paths here/]

Arrayref of JS filenames you want to evaluate when you create this object


Returns the internal JavaScript::V8 object, useful for executing javascript code in the context of the module.


Wrapper function for $hbjs-c->eval> that checks for errors and throws an exception.


Takes a template and translates it into the javascript code suitable for passing to the template method. See handlebar.js for specifics.


Takes a template and returns a subref that takes a hashref containing variables as an argument and returns the text of the executed template.

$hbjs->register_helper( $name, $js_code | $coderef )

Takes a name to store the helper under as well as either a perl code reference or a string of javascript to be compiled. These helpers can then be referred to from other templates via the standard Handlebars syntax.

$hbjs->template( $compiled_javascript_string | $compiled_perl_object )

Takes a precompiled template datastructure and returns a subref ready to be executed.

$hbjs->render_string( $template_string, \%context_vars )

Wrapper method for compiling and then executing a template passed as a string.

$hbjs->add_template_dir( $directory, [$extension] )

Recurses through a specified directory looking for each file that matches .$extension, which defaults to hbs. For each file it finds it calls add_template_file with a name based on the path relative to the template $directory Ex. "templates/foo/bar.hbs" is stored under the name as "foo/bar"

If the file found inside a directory named 'partial(s)' then registered_partial_file is called instead with a name derived in the same way as described above.

$hbjs->add_template_file( $filename, [$name] )

Compiles and caches the specified filename so it's available for later execution or bundling. Takes an optional $name argument which specifies the name to internally store the template as, if omitted the name is set to the filename portion of the path with any extension removed.

$hbjs->add_template( $name, $template_string )

Takes a template, compiles it and adds it to the internal store of cached templates for execute_template to use.

$hbjs->execute_template( $name, \%context_vars )

Executes a cached template.


Returns a string of javascript consisting of all the templates in the cache ready for execution by the browser.


Whatever the original Handlebar function does.

$hbjs->escapeString ($string)

Whatever the original Handlebar function does.

$hbjs->escape_expression ($string)

Whatever the original Handlebar function does.

$hbjs->register_partial_file($name, $filename)

Registers a partial with name $name from a file named $filename

$hbjs->register_partial($name, $template_string)

Registers a partial named $name with the code in $template_string and makes it globally available to templates.


Robert Grimes, <rmzgrimes at>


Please report and bugs or feature requests through the interfaces at


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

perldoc JavaScript::V8::Handlebars


Copyright 2015 Robert Grimes.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.