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Jifty::Plugin::Chart::Renderer::SimpleBars - a simple horizontal bar chart


This is a simple renderer for charts created both as a dead simple way of rendering horizontal bar charts, which can be a very simple way of rendering data, and as a prototype for some other work I'm thinking of doing with the chart plugin.


Of the rendering API, this only uses the first dataset given and ignores any others. It also fails if used for any type other than the only one it supports "horizontalbars".

It takes the following options:


To maximize the accessibility of your chart, set this to describe the data. This will set the table's summary attribute.


Please be aware that when using this object, you can change the bar color using CSS like so:

  div.simple_bars {
      background-color: black;



Tell Jifty about the CSS and JS files SimpleBars needs.


Renders a horizontal bar chart. This is done by rendering a table of HTML values, which is then converted to a bar chart by the Javascript added to the response during "init".

If JavaScript is not supported by the browser, all the data is presented ina table. They can still read the data, but just not in the most readable form.


Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp, <>


Copyright 2007 Boomer Consulting, Inc.

This is free software. You may modify and redistribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.