Kwiki::Attachments - Kwiki Page Attachments Plugin


1. Install Kwiki::Attachments
2. Run 'kwiki -add Kwiki::Attachments'



Kwiki::Attachments gives a Kwiki wiki the ability to upload, store and manage file attachments on any page. By default, if you have an image creation module such as Imager or Image::Magick installed, then a thumbnail will be created for every supported image file type that is uploaded. Thumbnails are displayed on the attachments page, and can also be displayed on wiki pages via the wafl directives described in the next paragraph. The thumbnail files have "thumb_" prepended to the original filename and are not displayed separately in the attachment page or widget. For this reason, you cannot upload files beginning with "thumb_".


This module provides 3 wafl tags which can be used to link to or display attachments in a Kwiki page.

  • {file:[page/]filename} creates a link to attachment filename.

  • {img:[page/]filename} displays attachment filename.

  • {thumb:[page/]filename} displays the thumbnail for attachment filename.

Configuration Options


  • attachments_skip: [regular_expression]

    Kwiki::Attachments may be configured to reject the upload of files with names matched by the given regular expression. By default, it is set to reject files beginning with "thumb_" or "." and those ending with "~" or ".bak".

  • make_thumbnails: [on|off]

    This flag controls whether thumbnails are created from uploaded image files. It is set to 'on' by default.

  • im_override: [on|off]

    If both and are available, Kwiki::Attachments uses Imager, unless im_override is set to 'on'. This parameter has no effect if only one of the two image manipulation modules is installed. It is set to 'off' by default.


Sue Spence <>

This module is based almost entirely on work by Eric Lowry <> and Brian Ingerson <>


Copyright (c) 2005. Sue Spence. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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