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Kwiki::Purple - Support Purple Numbers in Kwiki


Kwiki::Purple adds support for granular addressability and transclusion of content in Kwiki pages, based (somewhat loosely) on the PurpleWiki model.

When this plugin is installed and a page is saved, each heading, paragraph or list item has a nid appended to its saved text. That looks like this:

   Some text in a paragraph {nid 1}

When the page is formatted to html, this nid will be presented as a clickable anchor pointing directly to the identified paragraph.

When editing the paragraph, do not remove the {nid} wafl unless you remove the paragraph outright. If you are just making an edit, leave the nid in place. Doing so allows continued granular access to the chunk of text identified by the nid.

Any section of text which is identified by a nid may be transcluded elsewhere in the wiki. Transclusion is a sort of reuse by reference rather than copy. Transclusion has its own wafl:

  This will transclude nid 1 {t 1} into this paragraph

When formatted the output will look similar to:

  This will transclude nid 1 Some text in a paragraph into this paragraph

Some care it taken to prevent loops.

With experience, this system can become very handy for reusing or pointing to information that you store in your wiki.

For more information on Purple Numbers see, and


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Many thanks to Brian Ingerson, Matthew O'Connor and Eugene Eric Kim for various bits of help and inspiration.


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