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Kwiki::ReferrerLog - Kwiki ReferrerLog Class


This module logs all referers coming from external sites to your Kwiki wiki, and displays them in a convenient, stylable table. That's all. It's very basic but you can easily redefine/change most of the functionality by overriding the appropriate methods (see below).


The following configurationoptions can be overriden in your config.yaml file:

 This determines after which number of days, a log entry gets
deleted from the store, if there weren't any requests coming in from that
URL. Don't set this value too high. (default is: 2)
 The date format that is used in the display of logged referrers.
This is directly passed to the L<strftime> function of the L<POSIX> package,
so don't hate me, if you specify a wrong pattern (default is: %d.%m.%Y %H:%M)
 This is a list of domains, that won't be logged as
referrers. You should set this at least to the domain your Kwiki installation is
running on, so the clicking around on your wiki won't result in a flood of
referrers showing up in you referrer log.
The list must be in a YAML anonymous array format, that looks like this:

This boolean value specifies (0 is false, everything else is true), is subdomains of the configured exclude_referrers domains should be exluded too, or if they should be logged. Example: If exclude_referrers is set to exclude the domain, then requests coming from will be logged if exclude_subdomains is set to 0, while they won't be logged when exclude_subdomains is set to 1. (default value: 1)

 This number defines, after how much characters the referring
address should be truncated in the ReferrerLog Display (default value: 40).


The behaviour of the Kwiki::ReferrerLog module can be changed quite easily. Simply stuff the module in your @ISA array (or use it as a base class) and override selected methods. The module provides the following methods, which can be overridden:


This method loads the stored referrers and renders the template for showing the result back to the browser. It is registered as the action-method for this module.


This method logs the referrer. For this it checks if the referrer comes from an external site. If this is not the case, the control flow leaves the method. Otherwise the stored referrers are loaded and the current one is appended to the list. Afterwards it checks, if some of the referrers are older than the configured value for keep_days. If this is the case, the corresponding referrers are deleted from the list.


This method returns a relative path to the location of the referrer log file (default: plugin_directory/referrerlog/referrers.log).


This method loads the stored referrer entries and returns them as an hash reference, that contains, keyed by referring URLs, array references.

The following example should clarify the structure:


This method takes a hash reference as described above and stores it, so that the load_log method can retrieve it later.


This method uses the date_format configuration option, to format the timestamp that is passed as the first and only parameter, as the user/admin wishes.


This method is called before every call to store_log, and deletes entries, that are older than the number of days specified by the keep_days option (see above).


Benjamin Reitzammer


Copyright (c) 2004. Benjamin Reitzammer. All rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



POSIX for strftime date format syntax, Storable is used for referrer storage