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LWP::Simple::Post - Single-method POST requests


version 0.05


Really simple wrapper to HTTP POST requests


 use LWP::Simple::Post qw(post post_xml);

 my $response = post('http://production/receiver', 'some text');


DON'T USE THIS MODULE! There are very few situations in which this module would be a win over using LWP::UserAgent directly. It was a bad idea I implemented a long time ago.

This module is intended to do for HTTP POST requests what LWP::Simple did for GET requests. If you want to do anything complicated, this module is not for you. If you just want to push data at a URL with the minimum of fuss, you're the target audience.



 my $content = post( string $url, string $data );

Posts the data in $data to the URL in $url, and returns what we got back. Returns undef on failure.


 my $content = post_xml( string $url, string $data );

Having written this module, it turned out that 99% of what I needed it for required a content-type of text/xml. This does exactly what post does, only the content-type header is set to text/html.


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