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LaTeX::ToUnicode::Tables - Character tables for LaTeX::ToUnicode


version 0.11



Standard TeX character sequences (not \commands) which need to be replaced: --- with U+2014 (em dash), etc. Includes: em dash, en dash, inverted exclamation, inverted question, left double quote, right double quote, left single quote, right single quote.


Most of TeX's metacharacters, i.e., those for which \char typesets char: $ % & _ { } #. TeX has other special characters which are not included here, for instance: \ ^ ~.


Names of argument-less commands like \LaTeX as keys. Values are the replacements.


Predefined escape commands for extended characters.


Two-level hash of accented characters like \'{a}. The keys of this hash are the accent symbols, e.g `, " or '. The corresponding values are references to hashes, where the keys are the base letters and the values are the decoded characters. As an example, $ACCENTS{'`'}->{a} eq 'à'.


Character sequences (not necessarily commands) as defined by the package `german'/`ngerman', e.g. "a (a with umlaut), "s (german sharp s) or "`" (german left quote). Note the missing backslash.

The keys of this hash are the literal character sequences.


Command names of formatting commands like \tt, namely: bf cal em it rm sc sl small tt.


Gerhard Gossen <> and Boris Veytsman <>


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