Lab::Measurement::Installation - Installation guide for Lab::Measurement


version 3.872


Since Lab::Measurement does not contain any device driver code itself, its installation is pretty straightforward. However, before you can actually use it, you will have to install a driver binding back-end, such as Lab::VISA or Linux-GPIB, plus its dependencies. Please see the documentation of these packages for more details.

Installation on Windows

  • Install Strawberry Perl. If you want to use NI-VISA (e.g. for GPIB, USB-TMC, or VXI-11 connections), see the comments on supported perl versions in Lab::VISA::Installation

  • Install gnuplot 5 (not mandatory)

    • Download, extract and put it somewhere

    • During installation, check the option which adds the gnuplot to the PATH environment variable

  • Build and install. Open cmd.exe and run

     cpanm --verbose --no-test Lab::Measurement
  • If you need the NI-VISA backend for your instruments follow Lab::VISA's installation guide

  • For Zurich Instruments devices you need to install Lab::Zhinst.

  • Have fun!

Installation on Linux

  • In case your Linux distribution provides ready-made packages, use these as far as possible. Full support for Lab::Measurement is provided, e.g., by Gentoo Linux.

  • Install cpanminus, make, gcc and gnuplot (you can use your package manager).

  • Install Lab::Measurement (as root):

     cpanm --verbose Lab::Measurement
  • If you use GPIB, you need the Linux-GPIB drivers, library and Perl bindings. See the short installation and configuration guide in Lab::Measurement::Backends.

  • If you use VXI-11/Lan and/or USBTMC connections you will need to install the Lab::VXI11 and USB::TMC distributions. The documentation of these modules contains detailed installation instructions.

  • Have fun!

If you want to install Lab::Measurement and its dependencies into your home directory, please take a look at plenv or perlbrew.


You can upgrade your Lab::Measurement installation by running cpanm again:

 cpanm Lab::Measurement


This software is copyright (c) 2023 by the Lab::Measurement team; in detail:

  Copyright 2011-2012  Andreas K. Huettel
            2016       Simon Reinhardt
            2017       Andreas K. Huettel, Simon Reinhardt
            2020       Simon Reinhardt

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.