Lab::Measurement::Roadmap - Some notes and speculations on future L::M development


version 3.692


Old instrument or xpress code prints an informative message about the new Moose framework.

3.800: legacy code deprecation

Old instrument or xpress code prints a deprecation warning.

3.900: legacy code removal

The old code is completely removed. Old scripts stop working.

3.990: move Lab::Moose and friends to Lab::Measurement

Lab::Moose -> Lab::Measurement, Lab::Moose::Instrument -> Lab::Instrument, ...

More directory cleanup is possible, e.g. introducing a Lab::Role:: subdir...

4.000: party!


This software is copyright (c) 2020 by the Lab::Measurement team; in detail:

  Copyright 2018       Andreas K. Huettel

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