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Layout::Manager::Flow - Directional layout manager


Layout::Manager::Flow is a layout manager that anchors components in one of the four cardinal directions.

When you instantiate a Flow manager, you may supply it with an anchor value which may be one of north, south, east or west. The example below shows how the default anchor value of north works when you add two components.

  |           component 1          |
  |           component 2          |
  |                                |
  |                                |
  |                                |

Components are placed in the order they are added. If two items are added with a 'north' anchor then the first item will be rendered above the second. Components will be expanded to take up all space perpendicular to their anchor. North and south will expand widths while east and west will expand heights.

Flow is similar to Java's FlowLayout. It does not, however, center components. This features may be added in the future if they are needed.



  my $lm = Layout::Manager::Flow->new(anchor => 'north');



The direction this manager is anchored. Valid values are north, south, east and west.


Returns the amount of space used an arrayref in the form of [ $width, $height ].


If set to a true value, then component will be 'wrapped' when they do not fit. This currently only works for East and West anchored layouts.



Size and position the components in this layout.


Cory Watson, <>


Copyright 2008 by Cory G Watson

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.