Lingua::Interset::Tagset::Conll - Common code for drivers of tagsets from files in CoNLL 2006 format.


version 3.014


Common code for drivers of tagsets from files in the CoNLL 2006 format. These tags always consists of three tab-separated parts: pos (from the CoNLL CPOS column), subpos (from the CoNLL POS column), and features (from the CoNLL FEATS column). Features are always separated by a vertical bar. The values of CPOS, POS and features differ across tagsets/treebanks. Nevertheless, there is some minimal code that repeats for every CoNLL tagset. This module provides the code and is thus intended as a common predecessor of the language-specific CoNLL drivers.

Most CoNLL tagsets are derived from other pre-existing tagsets that use a different format. If we have a driver for such pre-existing tagset, then its CoNLL variant will be probably derived from that driver rather than from this common CoNLL module.


Lingua::Interset, Lingua::Interset::Tagset, Lingua::Interset::Tagset::AR::Conll, Lingua::Interset::Tagset::AR::Conll2007, Lingua::Interset::Tagset::BG::Conll, Lingua::Interset::Tagset::DA::Conll, Lingua::Interset::FeatureStructure


Dan Zeman <>


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