version 0.0682

wrapper for number to text conversion modules of various languages in the Lingua:: hierarchy.

$Rev: 682 $

A wrapper for mosules in the Lingua::XXX hierarchy. XXX is a code from the ISO 639-3 namespace.


 use Lingua::Num2Word;

 my $numbers = Lingua::Num2Word->new;

 # try to use czech module (Lingua::CES::Num2Word) for conversion to text
 my $text = $numbers->cardinal( 'ces', 123 );

 # or procedural usage if you dislike OO
 my $text = Lingua::Num2Word::cardinal( 'ces', 123 );

 print $text || "sorry, can't convert this number into czech language.";

 # check if number is in supported interval before conversion
 my $number = 999_999_999_999;
 my $limit  = $numbers->get_interval('ces');
 if ($limit) {
   if ($number > $$limit[1] || $number < $$limit[0]) {
     print "Number is outside of supported range - <$$limit[0], $$limit[1]>.";
   else {
     print Lingua::Num2Word::cardinal( 'ces', $number );
 else {
   print "Unsupported language.";


A wrapper for Lingua::XXX::num2word modules.

Lingua::Num2Word is a wrapper for modules for converting numbers into their equivalent in written representation.

This is a wrapper for various Lingua::XXX::Num2Word modules that do the conversions for specific languages. Output encoding is utf-8.

For further information about various limitations of the specific modules see their documentation.

# }}} # {{{ Functions reference

Functions Reference

cardinal (positional)
  1   string  target language
  2   number  number to convert
  =>  string  converted string
      undef   if input number is not supported

Conversion from number to text representation in specified language.

get_interval (positional)
  1   string       language specification
  =>  array|arref  list with min max values
      undef        if specified language is not known

Returns the minimal and maximal number (inclusive) supported by the conversion in a specified language. The returned value is a list of two elements (low,high) or reference to this list depending on calling context. In case a unsupported language is passed undef is returned.

  =>  array|arref  list of supproted languages

List of all currently supported languages. Return value is a list or a reference to a list depending on calling context.

  =>  array|arref  list of languages known by ISO 639-3 list

List of all known language codes from iso639. Return value is list or reference to list depending on calling context.





Language codes and names

Language codes and names from iso639 can be found at



Required modules / supported languages

This module is only wrapper and requires other CPAN modules for requested conversions eg. Lingua::AFR::Numbers for Afrikaans.

Currently supported languages/modules are:

afr - Lingua::AFR::Numbers
ces - Lingua::CES::Num2Word
deu - Lingua::DEU::Num2Word
eng - Lingua::ENG::Numbers
eus - Lingua::EUS::Numbers
fra - Lingua::FRA::Numbers
ind - Lingua::IND::Nums2Words
ita - Lingua::ITA::Numbers
jpn - Lingua::JPN::Number
nld - Lingua::NLD::Numbers
nor - Lingua::NOR::Num2Word
pol - Lingua::POL::Numbers
por - Lingua::POR::Nums2Words
rus - Lingua::RUS::Number
spa - Lingua::SPA::Numeros
swe - Lingua::SWE::Num2Word
zho - Lingua::ZHO::Numbers


 coding, maintenance, refactoring, extensions, specifications:
   Richard C. Jelinek <>
 initial coding after specifications by R. Jelinek:
   Roman Vasicek <>


Copyright (C) PetaMem, s.r.o. 2002-present


Artistic license or BSD license.