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Lingua::RU::Numeric::Declension - Chooses variant of declension dependent on the number


        use Lingua::RU::Numeric::Declension "numdecl";
        printf "%i %s", 38, numdecl(38, 'parrot', 'parrota', 'parrotov');


Lingua::RU::Numeric::Declension chooses which version of a word form to use this a particular number.


Module exports the only subroutine numdecl which accepts the number and three forms of a word related to that number. Return value is always a string with one of the given forms, result does not contain the number itself. These forms must appear in subroutine call in the following order: nominative case, genitive case and plural form. Use simple mnemonic rule to remember the order: instead of thinking of grammar cases, just substitute word forms which should be used with numbers 1, 2 and 5.


Andrew Shitov, <>


Lingua::RU::Numeric::Declension module is a free software. You may redistribute and (or) modify it under the same terms as Perl, which ever version you mean.