Lingua::Stem::UniNE::CS - Czech stemmer


This document describes Lingua::Stem::UniNE::CS v0.08.


    use Lingua::Stem::UniNE::CS qw( stem_cs stem_cs_aggressive );

    $stem = stem_cs($word);
    $stem = stem_cs_aggressive($word);

    # alternate syntax
    $stem = Lingua::Stem::UniNE::CS::stem($word);
    $stem = Lingua::Stem::UniNE::CS::stem_aggressive($word);


Light and aggressive stemmers for the Czech language. The light stemmer removes grammatical case endings from nouns and adjectives, possessive adjective endings from names, and takes care of palatalization. The aggressive stemmer also removes diminutive, augmentative, and comparative suffixes and derivational suffixes from nouns.

This module provides the stem and stem_cs functions for the light stemmer, which are synonymous and can optionally be exported, plus stem_aggressive and stem_cs_aggressive functions for the light stemmer. They accept a single word and return a single stem.


Lingua::Stem::UniNE provides a stemming object with access to all of the implemented University of Neuchâtel stemmers including this one. It has additional features like stemming lists of words.

Lingua::Stem::Any provides a unified interface to any stemmer on CPAN, including this one, as well as additional features like normalization, casefolding, and in-place stemming.

A Czech stemmer for Snowball by Jimmy O’Regan is available on the Snowball site but not included in the official distribution and therefore not included in Lingua::Stem::Snowball.

This module is based on a stemming algorithm defined in Indexing and stemming approaches for the Czech language (PDF) by Ljiljana Dolamic and Jacques Savoy of the University of Neuchâtel and implemented by Ljiljana Dolamic in Java.


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