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Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Pinyin - Romanization of Standard Chinese language


    use Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Pinyin;

    my $conv = Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Pinyin->new();
    my $roman = $conv->char( $hanji );
    printf( "<ruby><rb>%s</rb><rt>%s</rt></ruby>", $hanji, $roman );

    my @array = $conv->string( $string );
    foreach my $pair ( @array ) {
        my( $raw, $ruby ) = @$pair;
        if ( defined $ruby ) {
            printf( "<ruby><rb>%s</rb><rt>%s</rt></ruby>", $raw, $ruby );
        } else {
            print $raw;


Pinyin is a phonemic notation for Chinese characters.

$conv = Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Pinyin->new();

This constructer methods returns a new object with its dictionary cached.

$roman = $conv->char( $hanji );

This method returns romanized letters of a Hanji character. It returns undef when $hanji is not a valid Hanji character. The argument's encoding must be UTF-8. Both of Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese are allowed.

$roman = $conv->chars( $string );

This method returns romanized letters of Hanji characters.

@array = $conv->string( $string );

This method returns a array of referenced arrays which are pairs of a Hanji chacater and its romanized letters.

    $array[0]           # first Chinese character's pair (array)
    $array[1][0]        # secound Chinese character itself
    $array[1][1]        # its romanized letters


This module internally uses a mapping table from Hanji to roman which is based on PY.tit which is distributed with cxterm.


Storable module is required.


This treats utf8 flag transparently.


Lingua::ZH::Romanize::Cantonese for romanization of Cantonese

Lingua::JA::Romanize::Japanese for romanization of Japanese

Lingua::KO::Romanize::Hangul for romanization of Korean


Copyright (c) 2003-2008 Yusuke Kawasaki. All rights reserved.


Any commercial use of the Software requires a license directly from the author(s). Please contact the author(s) to negotiate an appropriate license. Commercial use includes integration of all or part of the binary or source code covered by this permission notices into a product for sale or license to third parties on your behalf, or distribution of the binary or source code to third parties that need it to utilize a product sold or licensed on your behalf.