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Linux::Ethtool - Interface to the Linux SIOCETHTOOL ioctl


  use Linux::Ethtool qw(:all);
  my $link    = get_link("eth0")    // die($!);
  my $rx_csum = get_rx_csum("eth0") // die($!);
  my $tx_csum = get_tx_csum("eth0") // die($!);
  print "Link detected:          ".($link ? "yes" : "no")."\n";
  print "RX checksum offloading: ".($rx_csum ? "yes" : "no")."\n";
  print "TX checksum offloading: ".($tx_csum ? "yes" : "no")."\n";


This module provides a procedural interface to the basic operations provided by the Linux SIOCETHTOOL ioctl. The more complex operations that involve getting or setting whole structures at a time are implemented in OO fashion by packages under this namespace.


The following subroutines get or set boolean values on a network interface.

The get functions return defined true/false on success, undef on failure.

The set functions return true on success, false on failure.

  get_link($dev) - Link detected
  get_rx_csum($dev), set_rx_csum($dev, $enable) - RX checksum offloading enabled
  get_tx_csum($dev), set_tx_csum($dev, $enable) - TX checksum offloading enabled
  get_sg($dev),      set_sg($dev, $enable)      - Scatter gather enabled
  get_tso($dev),     set_tso($dev, $enable)     - TCP Segmentation Offload enabled
  get_ufo($dev),     set_ufo($dev, $enable)     - UDP Fragmentation Offload enabled
  get_gso($dev),     set_gso($dev, $enable)     - Generic Segmentation Offload enabled
  get_gro($dev),     set_gro($dev, $enable)     - Generic Receive Offload enabled


Copyright (C) 2013 Daniel Collins <>

This library is free software; you may redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Linux::Ethtool::Settings, Linux::Ethtool::WOL