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List::Gen::Perl6 - perl6 meta operators in perl5


many of the features found in List::Gen borrow ideas from perl6. however, since the syntax of perl5 and perl6 differ, some of the constructs in perl5 are longer/messier than in perl6. List::Gen::Perl6 is a source filter that makes some of List::Gen's features more syntactic.

the new syntactic constructs are:

    zip:       generator Z  generator
    zipwith:   generator Z+ generator
    cross:     generator X  generator
    crosswith: generator X+ generator
    hyper:     generator <<+>> generator
    hyper:     generator >>+<< generator
    hyper:     generator >>+>> generator
    hyper:     generator <<+<< generator
    reduce:    [+] list
    triangular reduction: [\+]  list
                       or [..+] list

in the above, + can be any perl binary operator.

here is a table showing the correspondence between the source filter constructs, the native overloaded ops, and the operation expanded into methods and functions.

    List::Gen::Perl6      List::Gen                List::Gen expanded

    <1..3> Z <4..6>      ~~  <1..3> | <4..6>        ~~  <1..3>->zip(<4..6>)

    <1..3> Z. <4..6>     ~~  <1..3> |'.'| <4..6>    ~~  <1..3>->zip('.' => <4..6>)

    <1..3> X <4..6>      ~~  <1..3> x <4..6>        ~~  <1..3>->cross(<4..6>)

    <1..3> X. <4..6>     ~~  <1..3> x'.'x <4..6>    ~~  <1..3>->cross('.' => <4..6>)

    <1..3> <<+>> <4..6>  ~~  <1..3> <<'+'>> <4..6>  ~~  <1..3>->hyper('<<+>>', <4..6>)

    [+] 1..10            ~~  <[+] 1..10>            ~~  reduce {$_[0] + $_[1]} 1 .. 10
    [+]->(1..10)         ~~  <[+]>->(1..10)         ~~  same as above

    [\+] 1..10           ~~  <[..+] 1..10>          ~~  scan {$_[0] + $_[1]} 1 .. 10
    [\+]->(1..10)        ~~  <[..+]>->(1..10)       ~~  same as above

except for normal reductions [+] , all of the new constructs return a generator.

you can flip the arguments to an operator with R or r and in some cases ~

      ZR.     Zr.     Z~.
      XR.     Xr.     X~.
     <<R.>>  <<r.>>  <<~.>>
      [R.]    [r.]    n/a
     [\R.]   [\r.]    n/a

when used without a following argument, reductions and triangular reductions will return a code reference that will perform the reduction on its arguments.

    my $sum = [+];
    say $sum->(1..10);  # 55

reductions can take a list of scalars, or a single generator as their argument.

only the left hand side of the zip, cross, and hyper operators needs to be a generator. zip and cross will upgrade their rhs to a generator if it is an array. hyper will upgrade it's rhs to a generator if it is an array or a scalar.

the source filter is limited in scope, and should not harm other parts of the code, however, source filters are notoriously difficult to fully test, so take that with a grain of salt. due to limitations of Filter::Simple, hyper operators will be filtered in both code and strings. all other filters should skip strings.

this code is not really intended for serious work, ymmv.


Eric Strom, <asg at cpan.org>


report any bugs / feature requests to bug-list-gen at rt.cpan.org, or through the web interface at http://rt.cpan.org/NoAuth/ReportBug.html?Queue=List-Gen.

comments / feedback / patches are also welcome.


copyright 2009-2011 Eric Strom.

this program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either: the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; or the Artistic License.

see http://dev.perl.org/licenses/ for more information.