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Log::Any::Adapter::Journal - Adapter for Log::Any that outputs with a priority prefix that systemd's journal can parse


version 0.13


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    use Log::Any::Adapter;
    Log::Any::Adapter->set( 'Journal', 
        # min_level => 'debug', # default is 'warning'
        # colors    => { }, # customize colors
        # use_color => 1, # force color even when not interactive
        # stderr    => 0, # print to STDOUT instead of the default STDERR
        # formatter => sub { "LOG: $_[1]" }, # default none


When sending log messages to systemd's journal, the priority can be set by prefixing the message with the priority (as a number) in angled brackets. This adapter will format Log::Any messages to accomodate the systemd's log parser.

By default, systemd will parse the output from commands run as systemd services/units for the priority prefix (both STDOUT and STDERR). Users can also pipe output through the systemd-cat command to enable parsing of priority for scripts.

This adapter is based on the Log::Any::Adapter::Screen, and accepts the same optional settings. We assume you want color output when running interactively and the priority prefix otherwise. More precisely, the priority prefix will be added when ! -t STDIN or !!use_color. See Log::Any::Adapter::Screen for more information on the various options.


Log::Any, Log::Any::Adapter::Screen, systemd-cat


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