Log::Deep::Read - Read and prettily display log files generated by Log::Deep


This documentation refers to Log::Deep::Read version 0.3.5.


   use Log::Deep::Read;

   # Brief but working code example(s) here showing the most common usage(s)
   # This section will be as far as many users bother reading, so make it as
   # educational and exemplary as possible.


Provides the functionality to read and analyse log files written by Log::Deep


new ( %args )

Arg: mono - bool - Display out put in mono ie don't use colour

Arg: follow - bool - Follow the log files for any new additions

Arg: number - int - The number of lines to display from the end of the log file

Arg: session-number - int - The number of sessions to display from the end of the file

Arg: display - hash ref - keys are the keys of the log's data to display if a true value (or hide if false). The values can also be a comma separated list (or an array reference) to turn on displaying of sub keys of the field (requires the filed to be a hash)

Arg: filter - hash ref - specifies the keys to filter (not yet implemented)

Arg: verbose - bool - Turn on showing more verbose log messages.

Arg: short_break - bool - Turn on showing a short break when some time has passed between displaying log lines (when follow is true)

Arg: short_lines - int - the number lines to print out when a short time threshold has been exceeded.

Arg: long_break - bool - Turn on showing a short break when a longer time has passed between displaying log lines (when follow is true)

Arg: long_lines - int - the number lines to print out when a longer time threshold has been exceeded.

Arg: sessions_max - int - The maximum number of sessions to keep before starting to remove older sessions

Return: Log::Deep::Read - A new Log::Deep::Read object

Description: Sets up a Log::Deep::Read object to play with.

read_files ( @files )

Param: @files - List of strings - A list of files to be read

Description: Reads and parses all the log files specified

read_file ( $file, $fh )

Param: $file - string - The name of the file to read

Param: $fh - File Handle - A (possibly) previously open file handle to $file.

Return: File Handle - The opened file handle

Description: Reads through the lines of $file

changed_file ( $file )

Param: $file - hash ref - The file currently being examined

Description: Prints a message to the user that the current log file has changed to a new file. The format is the same as for the tail command.

read ()

Return: Log::Deep::Line - The next line read or undef if no more lines in file

Description: Just parses the next line in the log file (skips blank lines and lines that are filtered out)

session_colour ( $session_id )

Params: The session id that is to be coloured

Description: Colours session based on their ID's






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Copyright (c) 2009 Ivan Wills (14 Mullion Close, Hornsby Heights, NSW 2077). All rights reserved.

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