Log::Dispatch::Gelf - Log::Dispatch plugin for Graylog's GELF format.


    use Log::Dispatch;

    my $sender = ... # e.g. RabbitMQ queue.
    my $log = Log::Dispatch->new(
        outputs => [
            #some custom sender
                min_level         => 'debug',
                additional_fields => { facility => __FILE__ },
                send_sub          => sub { $sender->send($_[0]) },
            #or send to graylog via TCP/UDP socket
                min_level         => 'debug',
                additional_fields => { facility => __FILE__ },
                socket            => {
                    host     => 'graylog.server',
                    port     => 21234,
                    protocol => 'tcp',
            # define callback to crop your full message to short in your own way
                min_level         => 'debug',
                additional_fields => { facility => __FILE__ },
                send_sub          => sub { $sender->send($_[0]) },
                short_message_sub => sub { substr($_[0], 0, 10) }
    $log->info('It works');

        level             => 'info',
        message           => "It works\nMore details.",
        additional_fields => { test => 1 }


Log::Dispatch::Gelf is a Log::Dispatch plugin which formats the log message according to Graylog's GELF Format version 1.1. It supports sending via a socket (TCP or UDP) or a user provided sender.


The constructor takes the following parameters in addition to the standard parameters documented in Log::Dispatch::Output:


optional hashref of additional fields of the gelf message (no need to prefix them with _, the prefixing is done automatically).


optional scalar. An integer specifying the chunk size or the special string values 'lan' or 'wan' corresponding to 8154 or 1420 respectively. A zero chunk size means no chunking will be applied.

Chunking is only applicable to UDP connections.


optional scalar. If a true value the message will be gzipped with IO::Compress::Gzip.


mandatory sub for sending the message to graylog. It is triggered after the gelf message is generated.


sub for code that will crop your full message to short message. By default it deletes everything after first newline character


optional hashref create tcp or udp (default behavior) socket and set send_sub to sending via socket


$log->log( level => $, message => $, additional_fields => \% )

In addition to the corresponding method in Log::Dispatch::Output this subclassed method takes an optional hashref of additional_fields for the gelf message. As in the corresponding parameter on the constructor there is no need to prefix them with an _. If the same key appears in both the constructor's and method's additional_fields then the method's value will take precedence overriding the constructor's value for the current call.

The subclassed log method is still called with all parameters passed on.


Copyright (C) Avast Software.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Miroslav Tynovsky <>