Author image Dominique Dumont
and 1 contributors


Log::Dispatch::ToTk - Class to redirect Log::Dispatch to Tk widgets


 # Log::Dispatch::ToTk must be used in a composite widget


 sub InitObject
    my ($dw,$args) = @_ ;
    # retrieve parameters specific to Log::Dispatch::*
    my %params ;
    foreach my $key (qw/name min_level max_level/)
        $params{$key} = delete $args->{$key} 
           if defined $args->{$key};
    # create the TkTk buddy class
    $dw->{logger} = Log::Dispatch::ToTk->
      new(%params, widget => $dw) ;

    # initiaze the widget
    $dw->SUPER::InitObject($args) ;

 # mandatory method in Tk widget using Log::Dispatch::ToTk
 sub logger
    my $dw = shift;
    return $dw->{logger} ;



Most users will only need to use Log::Dispatch::TkText widget to have Log::Dispatch messages written on a text widget.

For more fancy uses, this module can be used by a composite widget dedicated to handle Log::Dispatch logs.

This module is the interface class between Log::Dispatch and Tk widgets. This class is derived from Log::Dispatch::Output.

One ToTk object will be created for each Log::Dispatch::Tk* widget and the user must register the ToTk object to the log dispatcher.



Create a new ToTk object. Parameter are :

  • widget ($)

    The buddy widget object

  • name ($)

    The name of the object (not the filename!). Required.

  • min_level ($)

    The minimum logging level this object will accept. See the Log::Dispatch documentation for more information. Required.

  • max_level ($)

    The maximum logging level this obejct will accept. See the Log::Dispatch documentation for more information. This is not required. By default the maximum is the highest possible level (which means functionally that the object has no maximum).

log_message( level => $, message => $ )

Sends a message if the level is greater than or equal to the object's minimum level.


Dominique Dumont <> using Log::Dispatch and Log::Dispatch::Output from Dave Rolsky,

Copyright (c) 2000, 2003, 2017 Dominique Dumont This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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