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Lyrics::Fetcher::Cache - implement caching of lyrics


This module deals with the caching of lyrics for Lyrics::Fetcher, using whatever supported caching methods are available.

This is not intended to be used directly, it should be called solely by Lyrics::Fetcher. See Lyrics::Fetcher for usage details.


get($artist, $title)

Attempt to fetch from whatever cache module we managed to use

set($artist, $title, $lyrics)

Attempt to store the value into the cache

fetch($artist, $title)

Alias for get, primarily in case this module gets mistaken for a normal fetcher module. Don't call this, call get().


There are no known bugs, if you catch one please let me know.


Copyright 2007-2008 David Precious <> (CPAN Id: BIGPRESH)

All comments / suggestions / bug reports gratefully received (ideally use the RT installation at but mail me direct if you prefer)

Previously: Copyright 2003 Sir Reflog <>. Copyright 2003 Zachary P. Landau <>


All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.